Monster Revolt!

We just got this in. Here is a little bit about Dirty Donny and his new book:

In the hands of a true artist like ‘Dirty’ Donny Gillies, silkscreen prints become models of craftsmanship, with layer upon layer of vibrant colors and intricate detail packed into every square inch. His limited edition posters feature unusual and time-consuming techniques such as flocking and glow in the dark paint.

‘Dirty’ Donny grew up in Ottawa, Canada; he spent his youth skating, drawing and listening to punk and metal. He got his start designing album covers and posters for underground rock’s best, but became most widely known for his work for rock legends Metallica. In the Metallica designs, ‘Dirty’ Donny showed that there wasn’t anything he couldn’t paint on — not only did he create album art, but he also covered their offices in murals and even created a one-of-a-kind pinball machine.

His art embraces the Lowbrow, rock and skate circles with projects ranging from toys, skateboard decks, and guitar picks for companies such as Vans, Fender, Dunlop and Kid Robot, to record cover and poster art for bands like The Groovie Ghoulies and Mudhoney. Experience it all in his first ever monograph, featuring commentary by Metallica and other ‘Dirty’ Donny aficionados.

And while we are talking about Dirty Donny, you should check out his blog. It is worth your time.


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