New Stuff to Paint

Does Anybody remeber this series? I would guess that few of you do, since it was one of Kidrobot’s least popular mini series and it came out in 2008.

I always liked the Zoomies, and Fumi was by far my favourite. I’m glad she is back, and this time you can paint her. I just wish she came with her car…


The do-it-yourself toy universe expands! Get to know the two newest DIY stars of MUNNYWORLD: FOOMI & KRACKA. Made of matte white, super-smooth vinyl and all ready for drawing, scribbling, piercing, painting and posing, 4-inch mini FOOMI and KRACKA come with a “Hello My Name Is” card, practice sticker, marker, and mystery accessory. Both will be available beginning March 17.


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