Hello Kitty?

Alright, I admit that I’m not the biggest Hello Kitty fan. It is so… pink. But when you take something as disgustingly cute as a Sanrio character and give it to a badass artist like Tara McPherson, the results can be surprising. I’m not sure if this guy is going to make it into the McPerson section of my toy collection, but I have to say that this looks awesome.

Magic Love Hello Kitty

Tara McPherson remixes Sanrio’s pop icon in her ethereal, space vixen style in this exclusive collaboration with Hello Kitty and Kidrobot. Kitty is adorned in an aquamarine heartburst hoodie, stands 6- inches tall, and comes with a removable Magic Love Wand accessory. Magic Love Hello Kitty by Tara McPherson is the first in a series of Sanrio characters to be reinterpreted by different artists.

Not convinced? Just wait to see who the “different artists” are. Magic Love Hello Kitty drops sometime in November. We will keep you posted.


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One Response to “Hello Kitty?”

  1. tiggy001 Says:

    I gotta say, this looks interesting. I’m not a collector but I really like McPherson’s work.

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