A Book by David Choe

Last week we got in Upper Playground artist David Choe’s new book. We were pretty excited when we heard that we would get it. Now that I have had a few days to spend with it, my excitement hasn’t waned.

I wanted to put a few quotes from the introduction into this blog entry to give you a little flavour of the book, but it is fairly riddled with bad words and inappropriate sentiment. Here is something that Jeremy Fish had to say about Choe (one of the few positve and clean coments that make up the intro to this book), “Honestly, I didn’t really like him very much at first. I felt he was an under talented over achiever with a huge chip on his shoulder, with a general lack of respect for anything and everything. Since that trip I have got to know and understand him a little bit more, and somehow, I realized I was right about my first impressions (all but the talent part) but in a strange way I had grown to love him for the same qualities that initially pushed me away.”

This book isn’t for everyone. It has lots of offensive material, uses plenty of cuss words and can be down right immature. At the same time, it was easily the most interesting art book I have ever read. His stories about his extraordinary life are truly captivating. He is not necessarily a fellow that you want to befriend, but I truly and thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of his experiences told through short, hand-written blurbs, photographs and paintings.

Oh yeah, and his art is great too.

Come by and have a look.


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