New Dunnys?

Already? And I still don’t have my Aya Kakeda from the 2010 series. Although it was confirmed on the Kronikle, we still don’t know when this series will be released.

From my extesive research on the Kidrobot discussion forum, it will be called the Two Tone series, all the pieces will be done in black and white and it is about 2 months away. Oh, and Angry Woebots is confirmed as one of the artists.

Apparently, this series will be super limited too. Remember the endagered series? We had that for about 4 days before we sold out, and this might be the same.

Keep in mind that this is all speculation. We at Lost Marbles aren’t privy to special inside information. We haven’t seen the checklists or know which artists have been selected. All we really have is the below teaser photos which I managed to steal from the Kidrobot community pages.

I’m sure we will hear something soon…


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