More Dunny Talk

I know that we haven’t had dunnys in a little while now. But our 2010 release party is less than a week away, and soon enough we will be flooded with the little guys. If you have been by our store (or if you scroll down a little), then you have had a chance to look at the checklist.

So let us know what you think. Which are your favourites? Which are your least favourites? What do you think of the ratios for this series?

My favourite:

Other favourites include the Huck Gee ninja (because he fits in so well with my collection), the Michelle Valigura cowboy/indian, and the Dok A.

Least favourite:

Not very original, triclops. Guts and brains? Like we’ve never seen anything with brains and guts hanging out before. And if you are going to go the zombie route, at least use the traditional green.

I know some people love this design. Have a different opinion? Leave a comment!

Overall, 2010 looks like a pretty good series. There are no 3/25 ratios either, and that will make people happy. In fact, most of my favourites are 2/25 and that makes this collector happy.

Until Thursday, then.


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