No, we don’t sell cigarettes…

or magazines or newspapers or cigars. If you have been to our store in the Byword Market, you might have noticed the store beside us has bright yellow signs near the entrance. The signs went up this spring, and since then we have had a steady stream of people asking us for various convenience store items. We have always had a few people handing us money and muttering some cigarette brand at us, but those people have usually been pretty drunk.

I’m not sure what the solution is. The store beside us (where I have purchased many a bag of chips) has every right to advertise on their property. I’m not sure how misleading their signs are. Have a look:

Can you see the ATM sign? Can you see which way it points? Most of the problem is clearly human error. Maybe we should have signs that say “we don’t have cigarettes.” But that would count on people reading our signs, which I don’t think they do.

It wouldn’t be bad advertising for us, if these convenience store goers would stop and look around. Generally, they don’t.

If you are down this way, or if you are travelling anywhere, it is a good idea to read the signs…


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5 Responses to “No, we don’t sell cigarettes…”

  1. michael minnelli Says:

    Hey simon…..belmont milds , king size & a citizen….lol

  2. Tricia Says:

    It’s that yellow Globe sign that’s messing you up. Usually you see those signs at the door entrance, on the right hand side, not at the end of the shop. If they moved that yellow one, I bet you would get a lot less traffic. But you know, you could just start selling smokes and pop and then poof, problem gone!

  3. jim reilly Says:

    tolerance neighbours! they’ve been there longer than you! some popeye candy cigs would be in order!

  4. lostmarbles Says:

    Popeye cigarettes! That is a fantastic idea! I miss the days when they actually called them cigarettes instead of “Candy Sticks.” Maybe I can get some closed off cabinets behind the cash and, when people ask, I can offer a whole array of candy products…

    And we actually had the Coke rep offer to put a cooler in our store. What do you think, half novelties and collectibles, half convenience store?

  5. Christian Says:

    While I’m always good for some refreshing Coke products, I don’t think it’s a god idea. A cooler would remove shelf spaces, which is needed by all the toys I want to buy !

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