Dunny 2010?

Here we are in early July and we still have no word about the new Dunny series. Yes, I know that Dunnys are usually released every September, but according to the kidrobot discussion forum we should be hearing an announcement soon. I don’t know where these folks get their information, but they certainly seem to be right an awful lot. Heck, if you read the forum carefully enough, I bet you can find a leaked picture of the new series.

From what I hear, series 2010 should be pretty good. From what I read on the discussion forum, they should be out this summer. But every day I check the announcements and I am disappointed that there are no preview pictures yet.

Regardless, Dunny 2010 are coming, we just don’t know when. And we are very excited about them.


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One Response to “Dunny 2010?”

  1. Christian Says:

    I want the 2010 to be as good as Endangered Species was. All the Dunnys were good in that series.

    If it’s good, I’ll take a case.

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