Banksy Revealed!

If you know anything about street art, then you will know the name Banksy. Even if you don’t know anything about street art you will probably still know who Banksy is. Actually, you should know that Banksy has remained successfully anonymous since the beginning of his career. Until now! You can read the story for yourself!

At the store here, I hear people explain Banksy and his art to their friends on a regular basis. They tell stories of their trips to London; they describe his satirical stencils to people; they tell people how nobody knows who he is. My question is: why is everyone a Banksy expert? We have sold more copies of his book Wall and Piece than any other art book we have carried. I still find it baffling that people can tell me all the museums and galleries that Banksy has managed to sneak his art into, and yet cannot name one other street artist. How did he get to become a street art superstar?

Here are my theories:
1.He is British. Everything British is cool. Must be the accent.
2.People can read what he writes. Let’s face it, most of us have no idea what those squiggly graffiti tags are really all about. With Banksy’s stencils, there is no more guess work.
3.He paints at the zoo. Everyone likes animals.
4.He is really a sweet old lady – with a British accent.

And if you think he is famous now, wait til his movie comes to Canada.


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