Tim Tsui gets no love

Remember when a new 8” Dunny would drop and sell out in a few minutes? I think that was last year. I remember opening the door on a Dunny release day and having a small gathering of people waiting to get inside. Sure, Tim Tsui’s Da Space Warrior Dunny has only been on sale for a couple of days, but with a run size of 888 I would have expected to see this guy get snapped up fairly quickly. Looking around on the interwebs, it seems that there are still plenty around. So what gives?

8” Dunnys have been priced at $75 US for a year now and Dunnys are still selling out at that price. The cost can’t be the only thing keeping people away. Personally, I think this is the best design to come out this year. Tsui’s Ape has been around on few different toys now, but the space theme makes this toy seem fresh. Maybe it is the rhinestone eye that turns people off this toy.

I suppose that people are more careful about where they spend their hard earned dollars these days, and you really do have to pick your artists. Maybe everyone is waiting for Doktor A or Kathie Olivas (personally I would love to see a Brandt Peters Dunny) to do an 8” design. Or maybe people just really hate this piece. Regardless, I’m a little surprised that this Dunny didn’t do better. Collectors are always calling for Kidrobot to get some new artists into the mix and picking up an art toy pioneer like Tsui seemed to make sense.

I wonder what Kidrobot has in store for their next 8” Dunny. Perhaps they will go back to an old faithful artist that always does well – like Huck Gee or Frank Kozik. I, for one, would love to see something completely different. I want to be blown away by a Dunny again, instead of thinking, “I’ve seen this before,” or “wasn’t this in the last 3” series that came out?” I hope kidrobot has something great up their sleeves for their inevitable summer release.

Anyway, we still have a few Da Space Warrior Dunnys here if you want to pick one up.


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One Response to “Tim Tsui gets no love”

  1. Christian Says:

    Well I really like the Tsui Dunny and since you have some left, I might pick it up.

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