no fear of angels or rabbits…

If it seems like we have been getting alot of Amanda Visell’s stuff in lately, we have. Fortunately, her work is awesome. Check out this new print for example. It is an edition of 50, signed and numbered.

Giclee on paper, image size 10 × 13

On a related note, there are only a few of the Tic Toc Apocalypse left, so if you haven’t completed your series, you are running out of time. And if you have the Bat Fighter Gnome from that series you have to bring it by the Byward Market store here. Seriously.


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2 Responses to “no fear of angels or rabbits…”

  1. sandy Says:

    hi kader,

    i thought this would be appropriate to put this in the AV post 🙂

    this is the piece we got an honourable mention:
    (contest: photograph creatively the 3″ zebracorn dunny,
    at the time i didn’t have the zebracorn dunny so i made dopplegangers) and

    this is the photo where we won the jackalope plush + print:
    (contest: to photograph tic-toc apocalypse and tell a story with the photo)

    and this is the sketch she drew + the dunny she DIYed at camiondupompier:


    • lostmarbles Says:

      Fantastic photos Sandy! I love your zebracorn picture! That is so funny.

      Thanks for sending them in!

      (and it looks like Kyle had a good time at the signing)

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