New Arrivals November – December

Nightmare in Jeremyville Dunny
Andrew Bell Kidreaper
Heroes and Heartbreakers
Mega Munny (GID Blue & White)

Tim Tsui Da Sharky – Black
Frank Kozik Messerschmitt Bf-109-G Wolkenhai “Gustav” Sharky
Huck Gee Spit-Fire Sharky – Regular Version
Tokidoki Captain CoCo – The Cocommando
Tokidoki Moofia Bulletto
Cap’n Rotnclaw by Greg Simkins
Keel Haul Cleg by Greg Simkins
Frank Kozik Anarchy Trooper
House of Liu Shaolin Monk – Student
Cat Honey Bee Qee
Ultra King Trexi
Joe Ledbetter OXOP Series 3 Qee
Trexi Plus Series 2 – Touma / Joe Ledbetter
Honey Baby by Touma
Monster Pusher by Thomas Han

Restock of MAD*l Phase 3
Restock of Ultra King


Juxtapoz Tattoo
Obey Supply & Demand
Once Upon a Time – Jeremy Fish
Muerte – Mike Giant
Art & Sole


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